Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paper Towel / Glimmer mist flowers

Hi today we just wanted to share with you how to make flowers out of your left over paper towel once you have used them for your glimmer mists. You can also just spray on paper towel to do the same thing.
Firstly cut rough circle out of the paper towel. We have used two contrasting colours for a earthy effect.

Make sure you cut several different size circles and they don't have to be exact. the more different the circles are the better the effect.

Once you have done this , scrunch your paper circle up a little, then flatten them back out.

Arrange the circles on top of one another largest to smallest. Once you have done this pierce a hole in the middle of all the layers with a paper piercer. Then place a brad in the middle to secure them all together...

There you go .. you have just created your own flowers for your layouts or cards.

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