Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Blog Challenge

I am please to annouce in conjuction with "Addicted to Craft ". Fancy That will be participating in their Blog Challenge.
What does this mean : Firstly you can log on to their blog and for the 12 Weeks to Christmas, each week there will be a new Challenge set. I will be stocking all the materials required for these challenges and all you have to do is purchase your products and follow the directions . After you submit your layouts to the blog, you could be a weekly winner of some fantastic prizes. Its Not only the prizes that will be awesome you also get your layouts published on their Blog for the world to see along with getting your name out there in the scrapping world... How awesome is that... Each time you submit your layouts ,you will have to let them know where you had purchased your stock by submitting Fancy That of course!!!. There will also be 3 guest designers positions available put in for that as well. I know I have met some amazing scrapbookers since I have owned the shop and I know you are up for this challenge.
I hope you jump on board and take up this fantastic opportunity to get involved with Amazing company and I will put your layouts in the shop for everyone to see as well.. There could be a prize or two as well... !!!!